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Matchbox Semi-Automatic Prefeeder

MATCHBOX Prefeeder
fits top or bottom print Flexos and rotary Die Cutters.

Model 3000
Maximum Sheet:  70″ x 118″ (1800 x 3000)
Minimum Sheet:  8″ x 23.5″ (200 x 600)

Model 3200 (+$1,500)
Maximum Sheet:  70″ x 133.5″ (1800 x 3400)
Minimum Sheet:  16″ x 32″ (400 x 800)

Model 3500 (+$3,200)
Maximum Sheet:  94″ x 141.5″ (2400 x 3600)
Minimum Sheet:  24″ x 32″ (600 x 800)

Many of my corrugated customers are having big problems with labor because of the political, economic and social situation we find ourselves in. I am suggesting they install Prefeeders and load formers to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of people needed to run the machines. I think this situation is only going to worsen over time. Wages and taxes are also increasing so it makes sense to invest in equipment that helps reduce labor.

1. can replace at least one person
2. does not complain, call in sick, want to sue you, or slow down.
3. increases throughput of the Flexo or Rotary it is attached to.
4. Return on investment within 1.5 years
5. reduces physical exertion on employees.

Disadvantage: You have to sacrifice a little floor space
Layout: 13.5′ x 30′ including conveyor lift



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