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Matchbox Sample Table


51” x 67” (1300 x 1700)
63” x 120” (1600 x 3000)
78″ x 138″ (2500 x 3500)

This machine is a great option if you don’t want to deal with the old technology of a used Cad table and don’t want to spend twice the money to buy a new Gerber or Kongsberg. In addition, there is no $500+ monthly maintenance fee like the other brands.

The AokeCut software imports files that are created on your CAD software in the .dxf and .hpgl format. It then translates those files and exports them to the controller computer that operates the sample table.

Optional Foam head for up to 2.3″

  • Steel Table Structure
  • Fast set-up times with quick change tools
  • Handles a wide range of substrates
  • Can cut plastic, leather, cardboard, corrugated board up to .59”
  • Easy to learn operation
  • Able to convert short run orders quickly.

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